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Why won't my Website Creator program launch?
If you have a popup blocker program, it can prevent the Website Creator window from opening. Some browser toolbars include a popup blocker program that you may not be aware is turned on, such as the Yahoo or AOL toolbars.

Also, some Operating System/Browser combinations may not be compatible with the Web Site Creator. Mac users running OS X will not be able to use the Do It Your self with Internet Explorer. These users must use either Camino or Firefox.

Can I FTP or use my own HTML code?
No. Website Creator is designed to help you quickly get your website up and running without HTML knowledge. There are many templates to help you design the right site for your purpose.

Does your ecommerce package support credit card payments?
Not exactly. Do It Yourself does support billing with Paypal, which may allow you to accept credit cards. The other payment options available with the ecommerce option are billing your customer or shipping your product with payment on delivery.

How do I change the font for my site?
Each template has its own unique customizable features. Once you have chosen a design, the font options for that template are available on the "Design details" step in the setup wizard.

How do I get my site submitted to search engines?
You can enter meta tags for your website under the "Extras" section. We do not currently provide a search engine optimization or submission service.